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  • Organising Committee

    Jean Faure (Chair - ANENA)
    Dominique Létang (Project manager - ANENA)

    Marion Bisiaux (Communication - ANENA)
    Bernadette Chavasse (Secretary - ANENA)
    Célia Ducros (Media - ANENA)
    Jean-Louis Dumas (CEN)
    Sébastien Escande (Scientific Coordination - ANENA)
    Alexandra Fitzgerald (Excursions - IRSTEA)
    Fernand Masino (Treasurer - ANENA)
    Barbara Mayet (Web - ANENA)
    Florence Naaim (IRSTEA)
    Jean Picchioni (Assistant-Treasurer - ANENA)
    Véronique Place (Information - ANENA)
    Evgeny Podolskiy (Poster - IRSTEA)
    François Rapin (IRSTEA)
  • Scientific and Technical Committee

    Florence Naaim (Chair - IRSTEA)
    Richard Lambert (Co-chair – ANENA)
    Yves Durand (Co-Chair – CEN/Meteo France)

    Pierre Etchevers (CEN/Meteo France)
    Gerald Giraud (CEN/Meteo France)
    Renaud Lobry (Régie des Pistes et de la sécurité de val d’Isère)
    Mohamed Naaim (IRSTEA)
    Ghislain Picard (LGGE)
    Antoine Rattin (ANENA)
    Didier Richard (IRSTEA)
    Stéphane Roudnitska (RTM-ONF)
    Arianne Stephan (DDT 74)
    Jean Louis Tuaillon (ANENA)
  • International Program Advisory Board

    Osamu Abe (JP)
    Blaise Agresti (FR)
    Christophe Ancey (CH)
    Dale Atkins (USA)
    Perry Bartelt (CH)
    Martin Beniston (CH)
    Karl Birkeland (USA)
    Benjamin Blanc (FR)
    Marc Blancher (FR)
    Robert Bolognesi (CH)
    Enrico Ceriani (IT)
    Ulrik Domaas (NO)
    Alain Duclos (FR)
    Richard Essery (UK)
    Manuel Genswein (CH)
    Matthias Granig (AT)
    Pascal Haegeli (CA)
    Bruce Jamieson (CA)
    Olivier Mansiot (FR)
    Stefan Martensson (SE)
    Gloria Marti (ES)
    Fernand Masino (FR)
    Roland Metral (CH)
    Patrick Nairz (AT)
    Kouichi Nishimura (JP)
    Emmanuel Paquet (FR)
    Nicolas Raynaud (FR)
    Laurent Reynaud (FR)
    Benoit Robert (FR)
    Juerg Schweizer (CH)
    Valerio Segor (IT)
    Sergey Sokratov (RU)
    Jean-Louis Verdier (France)

  • The International Program Advisory Board supports the ISSW 2013 Scientific and Technical Committee. It reviews the abstracts and suggests whether to accept (as either an oral or visual presentation) or reject a contribution. Based on these suggestions the Program Committee creates the program. In addition, the members of the International Program Advisory Board are committed to enhancing participation by encouraging their peers to attend the ISSW 2013.
  • Volunteers for ISSW 2013

    Hervé Bellot (IRSTEA)
    Mylène Bonnefoy (IRSTEA)
    Delphine Charlieu (CEN)
    Cécile Coléou (CEN)
    Nicola Colombo (Université de Turin, Italie)
    Séléna Cordeau (Université de Victoria, Canada)
    Anne Dufour (CEN)
    Ingrid Etchevers (CEN)
    Elisa Giaccone (Université de Turin, Italie)
    Daniel Goetz (CEN)
    Monique Goletto (ANENA)
    Mathilde Gletty (ANENA)
    Frédéric Jarry (ANENA)
    Dominique Lecorps (CEN)
    Laurent Mérindol (CEN)
    Laurent Pézard (CEN)
    Frédéric Ousset (IRSTEA)
    Xavier Ravanat (IRSTEA)

  • For further information

    Organization Scientific and Technical Program Registration and abstract secretary
    15 Rue Ernest Calvat
    38000 Grenoble / France
    Tel : +33 4 76 51 39 39
    Contact : Marion Bisiaux & Vronique Place

    Email : issw2013@anena.org
    Contact: Florence Naaim, Yves Durand, Richard Lambert

    Email: cst@issw2013.com
    39 chemin du vieux chne - 38240 Meylan
    Tel : +33 825 595 525 (0,15€/min*) - Fax : +33 4 38 38 18 19
    Email : issw2013@insight-outside.fr
    Website : http://www.insight-outside.fr

    Information desk monday to friday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm
    (*) Prices starting from fixed line incumbent, a surcharge may be applied by operators, counting the second after the first 45 seconds.

    According to France's Personal Data Privacy Act in effect since June 2004, you may send a request in writing to INSIGHT OUTSIDE 39 chemin du vieux chêne, 38240 Meylan / France, or by email webmaster@insight-outside.fr to access your file in order to consult, modify and/or delete your personal information.

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