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  • The International Snow Science Workshop aims to bring together snow scientists and avalanche practitioners, in order to foster work and research to find pratical solutions for new problems. The workshop is designed to bring together many different practitioners (ski patrolmen, mountain guides, back country users, forecasters, safety authority and ski resort representatives, engineering companies) and scientists who teach and research snow science.

    The ISSW has its roots in bi-annual meetings held in the USA and Canada. These meetings began informally in the 1950s and early 60's when practitioners realized the importance of an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and experiences. This led to the workshop's motto : “A Merging of Theory and Practice”. This is the only such conference and has been ongoing since 1976.

    In order to celebrate the truly international spirit of the ISSW, the Workshop came to Europe for first time in 2009. It was organized by the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos. 10 years after the dramatic winter of 1999, a large part of the workshop was dedicated to avalanche protection and risk management.

    The second European ISSW will be held in France from October 7th to October 11th, 2013 at the Alpexpo in Grenoble. It will address a broad array of topics, such as avalanche formation, dynamics, protection, education and rescue, snow properties, snow hydrology, snow in ski resorts, snow drifting, climate change and many more (again to much...). More than 500 speakers and participants from all over Europe and overseas are expected to attend the event in Grenoble. An exhibition will take place near the lecture hall. The ISSW13 exhibition will provide enterprises and organizations with an excellent platform for the presentation and communication of their various engagements in snow and avalanche safety, as well as in snow sports in general or avalanche engineering.

    The ISSW2013 will be organized by the ANENA with the support of the IRSTEA (previously known as the Cemagref- Snow and avalanche engineering and Torrent Control Unit) and Meteo-France (Snow Study center).

    The ANENA - the national association for snow and avalanches, the Snow avalanche engineering and Torrent Control Unit, and the Snow Study Center were created in the seventies, after a dramatic avalanche accident killed more than 39 people in the French ski resort Val d’Isère. The Snow Study Center was in charge of the coordination of the avalanche hazard forecast and the Snow and Avalanche Engineering Unit was in charge of mapping snow and avalanches and related engineering. Both of them have become well-known research centers and broadened their field of research. The ANENA brings together all the various professional and individual people and organizations that deal with the prevention of avalanche accidents, as well as those that provide information, training and studies. The ANENA, the IRSTEA and the Snow study center are located in Grenoble, France.
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