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    The World’s n°1 in Natural Hazard Prevention

    Whether for avalanche or rockfall prevention, TAS is your preferred partner for natural risk protection solutions.
    We offer a range of explosive-free avalanche release systems: the fixed Gazex® solution, the heliportable DaisyBell® or the integrated O’Bellx®. Our release systems are complemented by a range of snow barrier solutions, rockfall catch fences and protective nets. TAS: a comprehensive range for unparalleled safety in natural risk prevention.

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    The Mammut Sports Group AG is one of the leading and most successful suppliers of alpine, climbing and outdoor equipment. Its products set standards in terms of quality and innovation and create new trends. The mountain sports brand Mammut stands for the highest levels of safety and is today an almost all-round supplier in the outdoor world. In 2012, Mammut celebrated its 150th anniversary.   Black Diamond, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative active outdoor performance products for skiing, climbing, mountaineering, backpacking and other active outdoor recreation activities for a wide range of year-round use. Pieps GmbH is a global leader in safety equipment for ice and snow. Due to technical innovation and international training of mountaineers PIEPS has become a generic brand in the industry.


    Based in North Vancouver BC, Canada, Arc’teryx is a high performance outdoor equipment company known for leading innovations in climbing, skiing and alpine technologies. Since 1991, Arc’teryx has moved forward with a single-minded approach of designing the lightest, best performing and highest quality products. After twenty years of pushing boundaries and challenging assumptions, our intention is to provide the best product possible.  Arc'teryx has been a long time supporter of ISSW and specializes in rescue uniforms for the harsh mountain environment, stop by their booth to learn more.   The name Wyssen stands for Swiss Quality in terms of service, consulting and reliable avalanche release systems with unmatched effectiveness.
    Wyssen Avalanche Towers are nowadays used not only in ski resorts but also for protection of traffic infrastructure and in exceptional cases  for protection of settlements. Innovative and reliable products made Wyssen become market leader in Switzerland and Austria for avalanche control and avalanche detection systems.
     European leader in Pyrotechnics, LACROIX through its subsidiary ALSETEX offers a wide range of products and services in the field of natural hazards. Avalaunchers, SECUBEX Hand charges, and SECUBEX bi component explosive are today parts of security means  in more than 100 mountains areas on four continents.


     MONTAZ offers solutions for avalanche control in mountainous terrain (ski resorts, roads, mining sites). The MONTAZ EQUIPMENT flagship product presented at ISSW2013 is the CATEX MONTAZ ® which is a cable carrying explosive. It moves and places explosive loads ideally above the avalanche risk areas. The explosions cause the avalanche to be triggered in optimal conditions. The longest CATEXMONTAZ® cable reach 8km.  It can move and position up to 20 explosive loads simultaneously and explode in a few minutes.
    MONTAZ EQUIPMENT achieved in 20 years more than 350 kms of CATEXMONTAZ ® in the world and about 1200 points of fire.
    In 2013, 16 000m CATEX MONTAZ ® are being installed in 60 new points of fire.

  • TSL RESCUE French manufacturer of equipment for the rescue of persons present bag avalanche beacon.
    Because the first few minutes are the most important in the research for avalanche victims, the bag TSL RESCUE markup to organize and more effectively coordinate operations research.
    TSL RESCUE products are designed for maximum efficiency, speed, lightweight and designed for extreme emergency conditions day and night.
    Backcountry Access (BCA) is a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of avalanche rescue equipment, including the Tracker avalanche transceivers, Float avalanche airbags, shovels, probes, backpacks, and snow study tools. Our goal is to save lives, not just to sell products. This is why we surround our innovative product line with educational support and knowledge leadership in our industry.Established in 1980 ORTOVOX has its roots in the field of avalanche safety. The German company from Taufkirchen / Bavaria meanwhile produces more than just innovative transceivers – from probes, shovels through (ABS)-backpacks they cover the whole field of snow safety products. Since 1988 ORTOVOX has also developed a complete apparel line, including natural wool into every single product. 
     A2 Photonic Sensors is an expert designer and manufacturer of optical sensors. The company recently released a simple and reliable solution for the measurement of the specific surface area of snow. This physical quantity is a key variable to analyze the properties of snow: grain size, sliding properties, avalanche forecasting…The ABS Peter Aschauer GmbH is dedicated to avalanche safety borne out of passion for winter sports. The ABS TwinBag is the original airbag and market leader. In the case of an avalanche it can prevent burial and therefore significantly increase the chances of survival. Innovation and commitment to highest quality standards ‘made in Germany’ are the essential factors for our long-term success.The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) is a directorate under the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. The directorate plays a central role in the national flood contingency planning and is the national center of expertise for hydrology in Norway. NVE is also responsible for the Norwegian Avalanche Centre.  
    The ESF ski school, with its 250 branches, gather together 17 000 ski instructors around the same strong values and beliefs : discovering the mountains, the respect of mountain traditions and culture, the transmission of professional « savoir-faire », opening up new types of winter sports. The ESF ski school adapts itself with the evolving winter sports and dispenses a teaching method in phase with these new tendencies. WH2 a company based in Lyon is the first producer of green hydrogen. WH2 also supply off-grid power thanks to a full range of fuel cell. Downtimes and maintenance costs are significantly reduced. And all this in extreme climatic conditions, at any time of year, and even in sub-zero temperatures. Fuel cell are also able to supply avalanche triggering system, webcam…  Subsidiary of Kässbohrer E.S.E SNOWsat develops GPS systems for ski slopes grooming and snow management in order to optimize operating costs.
     Cluster Montagne was formed in April 2012 by merging two associations: Mountain Industries Cluster and France Neige International. Cluster Montagne is an association, which aims at promoting, in France and internationally, the sector of mountain planning and tourism equipment of ski resorts. The association has now more than 100 members, all experts in mountain planning and providing services all around the world.MYNEIGE specializes into the design and construction of snow production solutions for ski resorts worldwide. MYNEIGE also has an extensive service offer for the maintenance of snowmaking systems. The know-how of MYNEIGE also encompasses the operations of optimization and modernization of existing snow production installations.   Since 1987, MDP Consulting designs, restructures and develops ski and tourist resorts. We advise clients and conduct research in the fields of tourism, mobility and the environment. We are also supervisor for mountain works and cable transport systems.
    Affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO
    Training, expertise and operational know-how in avalanche rescue, avalanche prevention and
    protection measures, building up rescue services and local forecasting services in remote locations
    such as for the mining industry, road construction projects in exposed areas,etc...
    Product range: New Easy Searcher 4, Easy Check, Hepkie GSM Search Device. New: Fleet Manager Pro, a tool for the management of larger transceiver fleets.
      Patagonia makes high-quality clothing for climbing, surfing and general outdoor use. Quality is impeccable and the guarantee ironclad. We work to save places we love from harm and to reduce our footprint. We use only organic cotton, recycle or repurpose worn out products and give 1% of sales to grassroots environmental groups. 






  • WHY?

    For the first time in France, an international congress on snow and avalanches will bring together engineers, scientists, professionals (mountain guides, mountain leaders, ski instructors, ski patrollers …) as well as safety managers (mayors, ski resorts managers…), developers, mountain rescuers and physicians.

    They will discuss a range of topics such as snow properties, avalanches forecasting and dynamic, avalanche mitigation, rescue, crisis management, training and education, snow as a resource, snow control etc.

    These specialists come from all over the world: Europe, North and South America, Japan, New Zealand, Asia, Australia …

    The ISSW 2013 offers a unique opportunity for all companies to promote their know-how and products to this international target group

    Below, you will find a description of our sponsorship packages.
  • HOW?

    ***** Five Snowflakes
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    * One Snowflake

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    - Dead line to submit your booking form and send the 50 % deposit: July 31st.
    - Dead line to send the remaining balance: August 31st.


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    Contact : regie-celia@anena.org


    The Cora Shea Memorial Fund has been established to provide modest financial assistance to women seeking to do snow or avalanche research and/or study towards professional practice in avalanche safety, education or forecasting. Those interested may send in an application to the Canadian Avalanche Foundation at info@avalanchefoundation.ca by May 31, 2013.
    For more information, please visit http://www.avalanche.ca/caf/programs/cora-shea-memorial-fund

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